How Fur and Fleece Lined Clogs Make for the Best Winter Footwear

How Fur and Fleece Lined Clogs Make for the Best Winter Footwear

Winter means new designs in fashion and footwear, cold weather activities, and a constant standoff with the weather to stay warm. It is the season where our stilettos take a break in the back of our closets, and we reach for the ideal companion that cocoons our feet in plush softness on blustery winter days.

As seen on the major 2016 fall/winter fashion runways, shearling is a luxurious type of wool or fleece shorn from a shearling sheep. It provides good insulation and, not surprisingly, works best with bare feet. Here, form meets function – fur lined clogs are stylish and trendy, but also achieve victory in the battle for unsurpassed warmth and coziness.

When shopping for a pair of winter footwear, it is important to consider its intended use – from strolling through snow covered city streets, to flaunting your fashion sense around town, to more active outdoor endeavors. For everyday essentials, Sandgrens’ 3-set catalog of fleece-lined clogs offers varying shaft heights to suit whatever your winter adventure may bring:

Taller shafts, like that of the Seattle Shearling boot, easily cover your calves and offer more warmth than typical boots. Jeans and pants are easily tucked inside to keep the cold at bay, especially as you window shop downtown.

Ankle shafts, as seen on the Pasco Shearling boot, wrap your foot and ankle in incomparably cozy fleece, and pair seamlessly with tights for the quick jaunt from parked car to office.

Finally, the lace-up Chukka Shearling offers a signature winter boot style. The Chukka is made for post-ski excursions as you warm up beside the lodge fire.

What sets cold weather clogs apart from the rest is the built-in tread pattern in the wooden soles that prevents slips on icy surfaces. Beyond the added stability, these game-changing winter clogs effortlessly put a modern – and warm – spin on the undeniably classic style.


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