How Clog Boots for Men Add Sophistication & Style to Any Wardrobe

How Clog Boots for Men Add Sophistication & Style to Any Wardrobe

When the evolution of fashion is discussed, much of the conversation focuses on trends in women’s clothing and accessories. Men’s fashion has kept a similar pace, with clothing favoring sharp, fitted and modern silhouettes over bulky shapes.

Nowhere is this more apparent than men’s shoe fashion. What you believe to be true regarding proper dress may no longer apply. Black shoes don’t necessarily go with everything, and it’s advised men avoid selecting a shoe with a square toe.

In fact, it is time to consider boots. Clog boots for men like Sandgrens’ Chukka have experienced a rise in popularity, thanks to the style’s versatility and rugged appeal. The sleek, lace-up Oxford-inspired design of Chukka adds a distinguished finishing touch to both casual and work-appropriate looks.


How to enhance your style’s sophistication:

1. Wear a pair of straight leg jeans. Steer clear of boot cut because the flare at the hemline makes the look seem sloppy rather than polished.

2. Shirts should not be baggy in the chest and shoulders area. Select a shirt that fits as close to your body as possible while retaining free range of motion.


3. Dressing up does not always mean dressing better. Always consider the occasion you are dressing for. A man in sharp, casual wear will look better than a man dressed in a sloppy suit.

4.The most versatile suit color, believe it or not, is a charcoal gray or navy. Save your black suit for weddings, funerals and sometimes the office.

5. Finally, avoid cargo shorts. Opt for a slim pair of chinos for a more modern and less bulky look.

As men’s fashion continue to evolve, clog boots for men are a style choice that will withstand the passing trend. By experimenting with these emerging looks and pairing them with a pair of clog boots, you’ll succeed in defining your wardrobe’s style while enhancing its overall sophistication.


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