Get the Look: How to Wear Clogs with Socks and Skinny Jeans

Get the Look: How to Wear Clogs with Socks and Skinny Jeans

The height of the clogs’ popularity hit in the 1970s, but as consumers look towards investing in products that are well-made and versatile, clogs have been making a comeback to closets around the world.

This time however, the classic clog shape can be found on modern sandal, mule and boot designs. A good pair of clogs can be worn season to season, and dressed up or dressed down. Neutral colors often bring the most versatility, while a pair of black clogs will add a sophisticated touch. Neutral shades allow the contemporary reinvention of a pair of clogs to make a statement, while choosing a brighter color can make the classic shape stand out.

To take the vintage-inspired look to the next level, Sandgrens has two styling tips for you to try with your favorite pair of clogs: 

How to Wear Clogs with Socks

Wearing clogs with socks can give you a new way to add interest to your outfit. This has become a popular way to wear clogs amongst fashionistas, and is a common way to style the footwear amongst Europeans.

This look is most ideal for warmer temperatures, but is reliable as the seasons turn. In the early fall, select warmer, rich-colored socks like deep orange or chocolate brown to pair with your clogs. Summer calls for a thinner, lighter-colored duet with clogs, while a pair of light-colored dress socks add a fresh twist to your favorite sundress in the spring.

How to Wear Clogs with Skinny Jeans

When the seasonal transition calls for something extra, pairing skinny jeans with your favorite clogs can help carry the style through. Clogs with skinny jeans will increase your wear of this style of footwear, while the jeans will help stave off any lingering chill in the air.

Especially when paired with a darker wash of denim, clogs with skinny jeans can present a look timeless elegance.

As the clog celebrates its resurgence onto the high fashion scene, consumers can expand their wardrobes with a pair of high-quality clogs. The secret lies within the clogs’ effortless, off-you-go appeal that matches most of the popular styles today.



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