Get Party-Ready in Your Maya Clogs

Get Party-Ready in Your Maya Clogs

Once the appeal of wearing boots wears off, we find ourselves looking ahead to the warmer months. As winter and the repetition of its fashions wears on, and the limited styles are undoubtedly covered in a layer of salt by now, considering other shoe options becomes a natural occurrence.

There are other, more fashionable alternatives.

A surprisingly easy way to extend the wear of a pair of open-toed clog sandals or clog mules is to add a pair of glittery socks.

It’s a long-held wardrobe secret since it’s such an inexpensive trend to try, especially as the seasons turn. The success lies in the material, color and feel of the sock, which should be an extension of your look and serve as an accent to tie it all together.

It is an approach that is especially common with street-style influencers, as it’s a style that’s meant to be shown off. Adding new hosiery options is an economical and cheerful way to maximize even the most limited of footwear collections.

It’ll have you party-ready in no time.

One of the reasons we look to the Maya clog for this trend is because of its sophisticated simplicity and versatility. By offering a color palette of neutrals, this high-heeled clog for women coordinates well with the essential ankle-length glittery socks. Black, of course, is a classic choice.

Ready to try the trend for yourself? Peruse our Maya clogs and its range of color selections that best suit your personality.

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