From Tall to Flat Clogs: How to Style the Hottest Trend in Footwear

From Tall to Flat Clogs: How to Style the Hottest Trend in Footwear

Women’s footwear has a unique history all its own, and with the cyclical nature of fashion, styles can fall “in” and “out” of favor quickly. However, some choices never seem to fade from the forefront of possibility when pondering what to wear.

It often begins and ends with shoes, which not only provide a finishing touch to the chosen ensemble but its personality. A pair of woman’s shoes can project how she’s perceives her plans for the day, how rigorous her activities may be, or even, the impression she wants to make. At the root of this consideration – heels or flats?

In today’s fashion, flat clogs like Sandgrens’ Saragasso have the stylish potential to replace your heels. They look cool yet refined, but also allow you to walk 10 blocks without pain. The minimalist appeal of the iconic clog’s contour may keep a low profile, but it leaves an impact with its versatility and comfort.

Meanwhile, tall clogs like Sandgrens’ Koltur portray an aura of control and sophistication as the ultimate statement of feminine power. Heels mean business, whether it’s at work or an event. However, by maintaining the height of the heel and making it sturdier, high-heeled clogs have become more workable and wearable.

Whatever the final decision, the true value lies in how the style makes you feel and thus, how that feeling is projected.

How to Maximize Their Impact

If you’re wearing a dress or a skirt that is longer in length, wear tall clogs. If you’re wearing a miniskirt or a dress that hits above the knee, wear flat clogs. This rule of thumb will ensure accurate proportions when selecting what to wear.

A short navy skirt looks smart with flat clogs. Match a flowy top in a bold print, and the outfit will contrast beautifully with Saragasso’s handcraftsmanship. To amplify the elegance of a pair of tall clogs, pair with a chic mid-length skirt and structured blouse.

In the end, the one accessory that best complements a pair of clogs – whatever the heel height, is confidence. That never falls out of style.


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