From Business Outfit to Night Out with The Same Clog

From Business Outfit to Night Out with The Same Clog

Transitional dress refers to fashion and footwear that seamlessly transitions from winter to spring, summer to fall, office to after-hours or exploring a new city to exploring its nightlife. Temperature shifts aside, the two most common scenarios that call for a mastery of day-to-night dressing revolve around the work and travel. The trick is to include one key piece per look.

Because our schedules can be chaotic, versatility in what we put on becomes a necessity. The modern woman faces a number of dynamic situations throughout the day, so these key pieces should be able to take you from work to play and everything in between.

From Desk to Dinner Table
One problem we all struggle with, especially on Fridays, is what office-appropriate outfit also works for a night out? There is a solution to the “office-to- night-out” conundrum, and it comes in the form of a classic, well-made pair of Sandgrens clogs.Having conquered the concept of stylish versatility long ago, clogs like our Victoria, Rio Grande and Koltur have become a key piece to transitional dress.

Outfit Idea: the classic black dress and statement necklace looks polished for Friday out the office, but the addition of a sleek moto-style jacket after-hours elevates the look for evening.

To stay in accordance with office dress code, some suggestions may require a quick swap at the end of the day. The one constant, however, is the clogs with an off-you- go appeal that pairs well with everything.

Outfit Idea: for the office, a pair of wide leg pants looks chic with a tucked-in, collared button down shirt. At the end of the day, swap the shirt for a crop top and you’re ready for a rooftop overlooking the city.

From New City to Nightlife
Day-to-night styling is just as imperative when you’re traveling. Exploring the nightlife of a new city is often an overlooked and impromptu add-on to the day’s itinerary. By continuing to rely on pieces that can pull double duty, spontaneity won’t leave you scrambling and you won’t have to check a bag to accommodate additional outfit changes.

A pair Sandgrens clogs will never sacrifice style for comfort, and helps maximize day-to-night style that takes up minimal space in your carry-on.

Outfit Idea: Explore a new city in the reliable jeans-and- a-tee, but transform it for night by tucking in the front of the tee, adding a belt and sliding into a structured jacket

Just as a pair of clogs like the Rio Grande provides lasting comfort throughout the day, it can also inspire a conversation when you’re unwinding at its end.

By curating never-can-go-wrong key pieces into your wardrobe, the art of transitional dress will no longer be a mystery to solve in your busy schedule.


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