Fashion Rewind: How the ‘70s Inspired Today’s Trends

Fashion Rewind: How the ‘70s Inspired Today’s Trends

It was a time now referred to as a “pivot of change.” With so many economic and social upheavals in the 1970s, it seemed the world’s population had craved a distraction.

The most obvious outlet for this expression was also the most visible – fashion. It was as though designers “plugged themselves in” to fuse their creations and clothing styles with bright colors and eye-catching patterns. The silhouettes returned to more conservative shapes, thereby abandoning the futuristic themes made popular during the Space Race of the 1960s.

Outfits were further influenced by what was worn by popular music groups and in Hollywood films. When the Swedish super-group ABBA was showcased wearing wooden clogs, the platform shoe became yet another one of Sweden’s most popular exports. Upon ABBA’s proof that clogs were unisex, their popularity skyrocketed and lead to the collaboration of their own line, and even inspired a hit song.

Since that time, the revolving door of fashion continues to stop at clogs as a classic contender. While it’s been said that the ‘70s made clogs famous, it’s their versatile glamour-with-an-edge design that keeps them relevant.

Perhaps it’s the emotional pull of a decade that embraced its youthful spirit.  Aspects of ‘70s fashion are trendy again, as evidenced in the return of bell-shaped hemlines and sleeves. The spirit of the ‘70s is best expressed in the Bohemian approach to modern dress, further fueling the clogs’ constant reiteration.

Perhaps it’s simply the human desire to focus on the things that make us feel good, which sets the tone for other aspects of our lives. That’s where the true value of fashion lies. Combine this with the nostalgic energy of such a vibrant decade, and it becomes clear why these pieces from the past have a place in the present.

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