Fall Clog Trend: Our Plum Leather on a Dark Wooden Base

Fall Clog Trend: Our Plum Leather on a Dark Wooden Base

While purple was once the color of royalty, Sandgrens declares it a color that reigns for all.

In fact, this color has emerged as one of the top trends for Fall 2017, as it instantly calls to mind the season’s natural shades with its rich, deep hue. But what sets it apart, is its mix of red and blue (i.e., warm and cool tones) that designate this shade as an unexpected neutral.

While the shades of purple may vary, it is clear our preference lies with Plum.

Plum walks a seamlessly straight line between rock star and romantic with its surprising versatility. The color commands authority, but is much more feminine than a fundamental black. It’s suitable for business casual, but also energizes even the most relaxed autumnal wardrobe. Furthermore, it is the perfectly pretty color for a party.

This luxurious jewel tone adds warmth and drama to nearly every outfit, creating an instant impact.

Rule Breaker: Wear Color Even After Summer Ends

This deep shade especially pops when worn with the aforementioned black, gray, white and silver. While these basic color pairings seem conservative, a pair of our Plum clogs for women freshens and modernizes the look.

If you’re easing your way into a bold pair of Plum Swedish clogs, black will also serve to ground the statement this eye-catching color makes.

The fall reiteration was applied to three recognizable styles – the Brett, Tokyo and Victoria. Already a classic in its own right, the deep royal pigment of the sumptuous leather makes these clog styles suitable for a queen, but ideal for you.

If there is a clog color combination we wish to get lost in as the seasons change, it is this deep Plum tint and darker authentic clog base.


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