Down to Earth And Timeless Design Shape Our Spring Clog Styles

Down to Earth And Timeless Design Shape Our Spring Clog Styles

The cyclical nature of fashion explains the resurgence of trends once popular in decades’ past. While clogs saw their heyday in the 1970s, they’ve since been celebrated as spring’s go-to style in footwear. In fact, many of the runway shows presented at Fashion Weeks around the world featured models wearing clogs, cementing it as a hot trend for the season.

Despite this sudden rise in popularity, the rest of the world is simply rediscovering what Scandinavia and the rest of Europe already knew to be true. Clogs have been reliable closet staples for centuries, having mastered a versatile ability to reinvent themselves for modern fashion.

Sandgrens spent over 100 years perfecting this technique. By building upon our clog master’s strong foundation of handcraftsmanship, one that has been passed down over the generations, Sandgrens has created a steady stream of fresh designs for both today’s men and women. The result of such artistic disciplines creates on-trend reinventions of timeless Swedish clog design.

Our Scandinavian Design Philosophy

It’s a philosophy that focuses on functionality, simplicity and clean lines while maintaining harmony with the environment. This long-respected cultural reverence towards nature serves as part of the inspiration behind Sandgrens’ Down to Earth Spring/Summer Collection. Not only is the compilation minimalist but never plain, the earthy tones balance almost everything springtime wardrobes should offer.

But the main takeaway of this concept is that things should be made to last, not built to be replaced.

By forging each pair of Swedish clogs by hand, using natural materials and creating of-the-moment varieties, Sandgrens curates a catalog that is accessible to everyone. It is a philosophy that showcases clogs that are just as graceful and refined now, as they were then.

Redefining Your Spring Style

The highly functional design of Swedish clogs is fashionable without the need for heavy elements. Its minimalism speaks for itself, stating that beautiful things will make your life better. The subtle decorative qualities like the t-strap profile of our Nice clog sandal for women, or the intersecting leather construction of our Dubai clogs imbue each pair with classic elegance.

The reinvention of your spring wardrobe is at your fingertips. Click over to the Down to Earth Collection, and experience how this nature-inspired palette of timeless design will remain relevant for years to come.


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