Clog Shoes for High Arches: How to Rock Clogs in Complete Comfort

Clog Shoes for High Arches: How to Rock Clogs in Complete Comfort

If you have high arches, you’re aware of how frustrating the search to find supportive footwear can be. Most shoes are flat inside, and therefore, offer little arch support and can lead to soreness.

Commonly referred to as “tall feet,” high insteps cause an excessive amount of weight to be placed on the ball and heel of the foot when walking or standing. Not as much of the foot touches the ground to provide support for such movements. This can lead to pain and instability, can develop at any age and occur in one or both feet.

There are plenty of shoes for high arches on the market that work to alleviate this type of stress, but how do you determine which is the right one for you?

A well-made pair of clogs can provide natural comfort. This is especially attractive to workers in fast-paced environments like nursing or the culinary arts, and are on their feet all day. Though the clog soles are made of wood, wearers can experience a reduction in the aches and pains associated with the demands of such fields.

The clog’s natural comfort and shock absorption can also alleviate soreness in your back, hips and knees. Another asset to workers in these fast-paced environments is the clog’s rubber tread, which aids with slip resistance. The toe bed is firm yet allows for the natural motion of your step, in which the heel-to-toe walking motion is fully supported.

Clogs for high arches look professional, as only the highest quality of leather and natural materials are used to craft these clogs. Sandgrens has a curated line of backless, slip-on mule style clogs plus a reinvention of the closed back loafer styles. To align with our customers’ individual tastes, the collection offers a variety of colors to suit personal preferences. 

Our clog styles like the Tokyo, Athens and Seoul reflect the iconic clog shape, fulfill the need for supportive footwear, and include unique design accents. Closed heel styles like Sandgrens’ Bridget and Florence apply these features on a higher heel height to increase its fashionable appeal, while our Brett takes the closed heel shape to another level of sophistication. This collection of shoes for high arches has fulfilled the need for both form and function on today’s landscape.



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