Chukka Cap Toe, Renewed: The Perfect Clog Boot for Fall

Chukka Cap Toe, Renewed: The Perfect Clog Boot for Fall

As the weather cools and the seasons change, we find ourselves reaching for a comfortable pair of boots.

Similar to the reiteration of our Bridget clog shoe, the Chukka Cap Toe clog boot found its color inspiration in nature. In this instance however, we looked to the velvety night sky. Balancing the new Black, Olive and Navy leather shades is a rich, dark wooden base, fully supporting the intrinsic details that delight in this unique design. A perfectly complementary counterpart to night is of course, day – and another combination of this clog boot lightens the room with a light base and Stone color.

Not only does this clog boot style pay homage to the shorter days and longer nights that come with the autumn season, but also pulls forward the ease and simplicity of Scandinavian design. It is a concept that pioneers the combination of versatility and refinement, and when translated to the wardrobe, creates longevity.

One could surmise, it’s as reliable and dependable as the awaited brilliance of an ever-changing seasonal landscape, or night and day. We know what to expect, yet are continually enamored by its beauty and majesty. The Chukka Cap Toe is one of our modern classics with an unfailing silhouette, yet relishes its new color palette just as well.

The result is a lace-up, off-you-go handcrafted clog boot that marries perfectly with your favorite fall outfit to participate in your favorite fall activity. The day-to-night neutrals capture a moodier aesthetic that makes it the perfect clog for boot season.

To see our Chukka Cap Toe in its renewed glory, browse the product page by clicking here.

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