Choosing Clogs For Comfort: Finding Clogs with Arch Support & More

Choosing Clogs For Comfort: Finding Clogs with Arch Support & More

Choosing clogs for comfort like our classic Tokyo, Athens or Seoul clog styles can be as simple as their aesthetic.

These styles are made with roomy toe boxes that let your toes grip and flex as you walk. The wooden foot beds are molded to fit your feet, and offer excellent arch support. The bottoms are designed to rock with your feet in their natural stride, making each step as effortless as the last.

Clogs for comfort easily slip onto the foot, which can reduce the tension, pressure, and stress that laced shoes can place on the wearer. Tying and tightening laces may restrict the foot’s movement and reduce the comfort level over time. Clogs do not require the wearer’s foot to be restricted, providing you with a wider range of motion and unparalleled comfort.






Choosing Clogs That Are Good For Your Feet

  1. Be sure that the soles are long enough to fit your feet comfortably, especially when you’re in search of comfortable clogs with an open heel. Make sure your heel doesn’t hang over the back.
  1. Try on shoes late in the day, as your feet typically swell throughout the day. This will help you choose the size that will fit you morning, noon, and night.
  1. Make sure that the toe box of your clogs is wide and comfortable enough to allow your toes to wiggle. Clogs designed for comfort are characteristically wider and deeper than most shoe styles, and this feature allows your toes to relax and move comfortably.
  1. High quality leathers, like those carefully selected by Sandgrens, are healthier for your feet than the synthetic materials used in lesser quality footwear. Natural leather is breathable and contours to the natural shape of your foot.
  1. Choosing styles with wooden insole allows for the clog to cushion your foot while evaporating perspiration. These styles not only keep your feet dry, but also provide superior arch support. Clogs with arch support provide better weight distribution through your foot, which prevents uncomfortable pressure points, blisters, and other discomforts.

You can feel a difference the moment you put on your first pair of clogs with arch support. Posture improves as your natural stride is better supported, making clogs for comfort a spectacular choice for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Shop the Tokyo, Athens or Seoul clog styles here, and feel the difference of your first steps in comfort!



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