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CARE GUIDE: Sandgrens Footwear

Welcome to Our Clogs and Cork Sandals Care Guide

Your handmade Clogs and Cork sandals are crafted with love and care, and we want to help you keep them looking and feeling their best.
This care guide provides simple and effective tips to maintain the beauty and comfort of your footwear, so you can continue to step forward confidently. Let's get started!

Cleaning a pair of clogs with cloth

Shoe Bag

Store your clogs and cork sandals safely in our multi-purpose shoe bag. This bag is perfect for packing your footwear and keeping it protected.

Shoe bag Shoe bag
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Vegetable Tanned Leather Care

  • To clean Veg Tan Leather, use a slightly damp cloth.
  • By treating it with a leather conditioner, you restore the natural oils and lubricate the leather fibers, preventing scuffing, cracking, and staining. The leather conditioner also provides a mild weather barrier.

    Bickmore vegtable tanned leather care
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Nubuck Leather Care

  • Regularly brush Nubuck leather with an all-natural horsehair shoe brush to maintain natural oils and prevent permanent stains.
  • For spills, wipe off excess fluid with a clean towel and clean with a damp cloth.
  • Use a soft rubber shoe brush for marks and light, dry stains.
  • Protect with Bickmore's Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent to guard against water, stains, rub-off, and scuffing.

    nubuck leather care
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    Vegetable Tanned Leather Care Kit

    • This complete kit is perfect for travelers and people in a hurry, with small 2 oz. bottles that comply with airport security.

      Travel kit clog care products clog care products - travel kit
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      Wooden Base Care

      • The wooden bases feature a lacquer finish to prevent staining or discoloration.
      • Avoid using water on the wood base to prevent raising the grain.
      • Use an eraser for certain marks or stains.
      • For stubborn stains, carefully sand with fine grit sandpaper, protecting the leather with a clean cloth.

      Special Care for Nude Vegetable Tanned Leather

      • Nude Veg Tan is untreated and highly susceptible to stains.
      • Over time, it will develop a leather patina that evens out some stains.

      General Tips

      • Always test any leather care products on a small area before applying to the whole clog.
      • Be mindful of where you step or walk while wearing wooden base clogs to avoid cracking or chipping.
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