Business Casual: How to Rock Women’s Clog Shoes in the Office

Business Casual: How to Rock Women’s Clog Shoes in the Office

When we consider the aesthetic of business casual women’s shoes, styles like ballet flats or an expected pair of high heel pumps come to mind for the office setting. But what if women seek out something unexpected? 

These days it seems, the ambiguity of the office dress code requires clarity. Overdressing is traditionally better than underdressing, and there is a type of shoe style that can offer a simple solution.

Clogs can strike a perfect, yet often revered balance between formal and informal. They are comfortable and casual on the weekends, yet polished and put together at the office. The distinction is found in the details – soft leather, luxurious materials, always sturdy and meticulous in design. Clogs by historical fact are the kind of everyday essential that has found relevancy in our closets for hundreds of years.

Because of this multi-faceted appeal, determining how to wear a pair of clogs to the office can be a bit of a challenge. But by sticking with timeless black-and-white, sophisticated silhouettes and classic garments, styling a pair of business casual clogs becomes effortless. Sandgrens has a couple of ideas to get you started: 

  1. Transition from work to happy hour seamlessly with a glossy pair of black pants and white long sleeves to allow a colorful pair of Sandgrens’ Florence clogs to command attention.
  1. Always a chic combination, a pair of our black Maya clogs worn with tailored office separates is professional yet feminine.
  1. Finally, a black wrap dress is as iconic as the classic clog shape. By blending the two, the look elevates business casual.

The key point in business casual dress is to make sure your clothing and shoes are comfortable. The more comfortable you feel in your attire, the more confident you will be. Business casual shoes today are a refined blend of eye-catching form with comfortable function, making the freedom of elegant expression now a part of the office environment.



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