Boots, boots, boots!

Boots, boots, boots!

We got our eyes on Olive, Navy, Dexter Tan and Fudge for our clog boots this year! Spoiler alert – our upcoming fall collection contains some of our favorite clog boots offered in these rich autumn colors.So we figured perhaps we should share a tip or two of how they should fit.

Our clog boots are supposed to be loose-fitting, which essentially means that if your foot slips when you walk, that is perfectly fine and what they’re supposed to do! Some people prefer to wear socks or even better, stockings, to prevent this from happening. Others just get used to the feeling.

Initially, it might take some time to get used to the wooden base, but just like any other wooden clog, you’ll get used to the feeling in time!

Product care for our boots
As with the rest of our clogs and clog sandals, our clog boots consist of a wooden base and leather upper. The best type of care would be to not use any products on them other than a clean horse brush. Avoid wet weather conditions and obviously give them a whole lot of love. If you care for your clog boots, you can rest assure knowing they’ll follow you through all walks of life.

Can’t wait for the boots season to start? We can’t either! Keep an eye out because in the next few days you’ll find plenty of more boots right here.

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