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Benefits of Buying Handcrafted Clogs: Sustainability

In our continuing series that discusses the benefits of buying handcrafted products, the most important one is that of sustainability.

When you invest so much of yourself, your time and your talent into your handicraft, you tend to be incredibly mindful of the materials used in its construction.

It’s why we prefer vegetable-tanned leather, which was the topic of a previous blog post, as it utilizes a similar “made by hand” methodology. And of course, the variety of wooden clog bases in our catalog is shaped from natural lime wood or Spanish pine.

The selection of these high-quality materials supports fellow artisans.

By purchasing handcrafted products, these skills remain an integral part of modern society. As technology advances, we are facing the loss of such skills that could contribute to the demise of handicrafts, and most alarming, the loss of a cultural identity.

It’s already happening. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, only about 30 Dutch wooden clog makers remain. “Despite their iconic look and their important role in Dutch history, wooden clogs are made for tourists and not every day wear,” the article states. “And despite multigenerational clog makers who have passed down their art, fewer and fewer people are interested in taking up a craft that looks doomed.”

While the Swedish clog has enjoyed a reinvention that cements its relevance in modern fashion, we at Sandgrens recognize the importance of sustainability.

By forging our clogs by hand and selecting materials sourced by craftsmen who share our values, we are celebrating our living cultures. This is about people, not machines. It’s about the mindfulness of time and effort, and the skills of our clog maker.

The clogs, and all they come to represent, then seem to come alive when they’re worn.

And it’s all because of a preference to make our clogs by hand. Now, are you ready to start exploring the world of handcrafted clogs? Here is some inspiration for you.


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