Behind the Scenes: Sandgrens Clogs Factory Tour

Behind the Scenes: Sandgrens Clogs Factory Tour

This is a companion piece to last week’s blog post that discussed the value of buying handcrafted products. Today, we’d like to take you on a guided tour of where your clogs are made. To visit the Sandgrens factory, you will need to travel to the town of Påryd in Sweden.

A small town situated near the Kalmar Strait, here – city skylines give way to natural tree lines. The sound of traffic quiets to feature the symphony of nature, and crowded streets give way to secluded trails.

Tucked amongst this idyllic backdrop is the nondescript home to Sandgrens clogs. With only a large clog positioned at the roadside to pinpoint its location, the factory is a thriving, environmentally-friendly site. It’s a delicate balance, but one that flourishes due to the preference in making wooden clogs by hand.

For years, little has changed.

To witness how a pair of clogs is made is to witness the symbolic history of a country. While the rest of the world expresses with nostalgia that products aren’t “made like they’re used to;” here, Swedish clogs are made as they’ve always been.

Considering Sandgrens’ global reach, it’s surprising how compact the site is. No large warehouses packed with heavy machinery means less energy consumption and waste streams, which is reflected in the healthy growth of the surrounding forests.

As each pair passes through the skilled hands of our clog maker, not only do the designs come to life but a unique personality emerges. The natural materials may be similar, but the final result surpasses expectation. Then, it’s distributed to our customers which is where our clogs leave a greater impact.

By harmonizing with the environment, with a passed-down heritage of handcraftsmanship, and using high quality materials, the product catalog showcased is as diverse as the Swedish countryside that inspires it.


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