A Summer Without Clogs – Didn’t Think So!

A Summer Without Clogs – Didn’t Think So!

We at Sandgrens Clogs have picked our favorite clogs styles and matched them with some summery outfits!

#1 Big dresses and our Nice clogs

Summers are for floating around in big wavy dresses and what other better way is there than to match it with a high heeled sandal to give the maxi dress a petite detail? With the comfort of our wooden heels – we can guarantee you’re 100% ready to dance.

#2 Clog mules + the beach = match made in heaven

Beach time on today’s agenda? Yes! Great! However, finding an outfit suitable for getting to and from the beach can sometimes be tricky – especially when it comes to slipping in and out of your shoes without dragging half of the sand home. Solution? Clog mules of course! You can with ease and grace slip in and out of your mules and not having to deal with tieing your shoes.

#3 Linen fabric and our Maya clogs

It’s easy, it’s breathable during days where you think the only suitable place to find yourself in is in an actual fridge and it’s gracious. White linen dresses, shirts or pants together with one of the most natural shoes you can find called wooden clogs will help you embark those dreamy adventures summer has to offer us.


Are you after more ideas for how to style your clogs? Check our inspiration page to find more of our clog outfits.


Sandgrens Team

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