A New Path: Familiar Clog Styles Get Reimagined for Fall

A New Path: Familiar Clog Styles Get Reimagined for Fall

At Sandgrens, we’ve reimagined a trio of ready-to-wear favorites that harmonize with the new season.

The rich texture of these darker bases on our Tokyo, Victoria and Brett clogs are an irresistibly fresh approach to embracing Fall’s style options.

Still loyal to the Scandinavian ideal of taking cues from the natural landscape, our structural wooden clog bases were inspired by the sturdy tree trunks to best showcase leather colors as rich as the changing leaves they support. And like the Fall foliage, this foundation of appropriate footwear helps add extra versatility and on-trend touches to autumnal wardrobes.

The vintage romance of such classic Swedish clog silhouettes combined with these on-trend details renew their designs. As expressed by the fall fashion runways on their international stages, mastering this blend of a futuristic spirit with the nostalgia of the past defines our attire this time of year.

The secret is to understand what trends to wear and how to make them feel true to you. Since we started with the already familiar Tokyo, Victoria and Brett clogs, our customers will discover the flexibility to pair it with other pieces in their Fall line-ups.

Try Something New

Brett  is likely the most fashion-forward clog in this rotation and nails this past-meets-future concept. Wear it with denim or wear it with a pleated midi skirt, Brett directs your look as a true modern staple.

But if vintage is what your heart desires, Victoria will suit your fancy with its elegant flair. What sets a pair of the Victoria clogs for women apart, is it seamlessly merges into every one of your ensembles.

Tokyo is an enduring classic in its well-executed design that has remained of-the-moment for generations. Far from conservative however, Tokyo is the ideal clog mule that effectively transforms the simplest of clothing choices into a charming look.

Feeling inspired? Browse our reimagined Fall clog styles and see how they can transform your autumnal clothing choices!


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