A Conversation with Sandgrens Team Member, Sara

A Conversation with Sandgrens Team Member, Sara

An underlying truth shared by members of the Sandgrens Team, is that a pair of clogs embodies so much more than basic footwear. It’s a lifestyle, representing both a culture and a country, and it’s an honor to share this passion with the greater community.

Meet Sara.

She grew up during the height of clogs’ popularity, and ever since she could fit into the smallest size at the age of two, she has worn a pair of clogs.

“They are comfortable and beautiful,” she said. “Clogs are not a product that you throw away. You invest in a pair and you keep them for a long time because they have a lasting design.”

Her lifelong appreciation for clogs seamlessly translates to her role at Sandgrens. She believes in our products, as she wears them nearly every day, and it’s this preference for clogs that best assists customers with finding their own ideal match.

“Natural material never goes out of style,” said Sara. “Is there anything more natural than to be barefoot in your wooden clogs?”

Despite the abundance of choice, the answer of which is her favorite is an easy one for her. “Tokyo in nude,” she responds, referencing the numerous pairs of this style she’s worn in her life. “It’s a simple and beautiful Swedish design that is easy to wear.

The iconic style, with its timeless open heel silhouette, is often the image conjured at the mention of a pair of Swedish clogs. With such a celebrated history, a popularity boom, and a recent resurgence into high fashion, clogs have long established their intrinsic value.

It’s Sara’s go-to, and with that, a living narrative that celebrates what makes a pair of clogs extraordinary.

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