3 Essential Men’s Clogs for Fall

3 Essential Men’s Clogs for Fall

Online commentary from Vogue hinted at the possibility of men’s clogs hitting the Fall 2018 runways, but we at Sandgrens ask, “why wait?”

Now is the ideal time to upgrade your shoe game.

Already a popular choice for men in Europe and especially Scandinavia, the men in America are seemingly intrigued by not only the clogs’ comfort and construction, but also by its versatility. And though our collection of clogs for men is varied in style, the three most iconic are the Malmo, Halmsted and Nybro.

In fact, for a century and counting, Sandgrens has upheld a tradition of quality handcraftsmanship by constructing each pair by hand in their family-owned factory in Sweden. Since they’re forged by hand, no two pairs are alike. Open-heel clogs for men like Malmo, Halmsted and Nybro are born out of necessity, answering the call for sophisticated footwear that are also easy to wear.

Select a dark base or a light; then a luxurious leather color. Choose between a buckle strap or a leather band, then marvel at this one-off styling trick as you slip into it for the day. In that moment lies the discovery of form meets function, loyalty to a minimalist appeal and is destined to remain a staple. The only rival of the clogs’ composition is the colorful Fall landscape you’ll feel inspired to walk through.

It essentially solves the work day into weekend equation.

Ready to turn the page? Visit our collection of men’s clogs to discover your own fall fashion solution today.


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